about me

Will Coldwell is a London-based freelance journalist and editor with a focus on society, nightlife and travel.

He’s reported on culture across the globe - from Havana to Tbilisi - with an eye for human stories and a passion for city life. His reporting has tackled hard-hitting issues - from speaking to families affected by a rise in deaths from ecstasy to investigating the dramatic impact of Airbnb on cities - and he specialises in long form feature writing.

A seasoned travel writer, his work has led him to an arts festival in the Arctic circle, had him follow Google Street View to Peru as it maps Machu Picchu, and included a visit to the village that is home to every one of Ghana’s surfers. His nightlife reports series for Guardian Travel explored club scenes across Europe, from Belgrade to Lisbon.

Before going freelance, he worked as a staff writer at the Guardian (5+ years) and before that the Independent. He has written for international publications including Dazed, Vice, I-D, Courier, Monocle and Huck, and is an alumni of the prestigious IJP fellowship program

He is co-founder of live art + club night inner u, which has run bi-monthly parties in spaces across London for the past four years.